Monday, August 13, 2012

happy list // 08.13.2012

happy list // 08.13.2012
1.morning talks with my Mama. She always calms, and re-assures me. Sometimes without saying a word, as I just babble on and on to her most of the time! ;)  2."Come here Mom! Play game!" 3. devilish indulgence. Boston cream on the patio. 4.My Love working away at a project for me. 5.Fall garden planning. 6.My favorite coffee beans, arriving in just the nick of time. I always cut it so close! whew! 7.perfectly ripe organic plums. A nice treat after a week of slim pickins in the fruit department! 8.THIS makes me ridiculously happy! A BUDGET! Worked on together with My Love. Definitely fills my "love bank." (excuse the pun!)  9.quiet time, even if it was in the middle of the afternoon. Have to grab it when I can.

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