Monday, August 20, 2012

happy list // 08.20.2012

happy list // 08.20.2012
1. THE best chocolate chip cookies. Baked in this tiny cast iron pan, there is nothing better! 2. New cash envelopes for my wallet. One day I would love a gorgeous system like THIS, THIS, or THIS, but in the meantime, this was simple and FREE! 3. Banana Bread baked in my "new" pan I scored on Craigslist for $10! New-In-Box! I am in the process of replacing a few of my kitchen items that are made of aluminum with cast iron, stone,and stainless. It's a process that will happen as I find deals and have money in the "budget." 4. a lovely visit to the midwife. Baby is healthy and growing! Mama feels it! ;) 5. Bedtime snuggles and books. 6. My Girl has taken a great interest lately in baking and cooking. Makes this Mama heart (and closet foodie) happy! 7. I tried my hand at a Dutch Baby Pancake. Oh.My.Goodness. Complete delicious-ness. Try it! It's so simple! 8. the first little baby clothes purchased. My Girl and her Daddy picked them out. SO TINY! 9.Coffee & incense. Mmm . . .

What's been making you HAPPY lately?


  1. your happy lists are so wonderful ! i don't always get a chance to sit and look at them on the computer but i love mornings like this one when i can. i love your images and looking at all of your organizing, budgeting, gardening, cooking, projects, knitting, homemaking, reading etc etc etc stuff !! i often wish we lived closer ...

    1. Bonnie, I love making them. They are a great way to take mental note of all that God has blessed me with. Gratitude is so wonderful!
      And I also wish we lived closer to one another, in your hemisphere would be AWESOME!!! :)


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