Tuesday, August 07, 2012

happy list // 08.07.2012

happy list // 08.07.2012
1.our mornings together // search #kmorningtable on instagram :) 2.my little toast loving guy. A boy after my own heart! (homemade strawberry jam on that there toast! ;) 3.My Girl woke before us Sunday morning and made muffins! All by herself! She had to find the recipe (she knows where to look, I guess I am semi-organized!) gather ingredients and she preheated the oven too! So proud! 4.Mama had a hankerin' for lemon bars. I halved THIS recipe and made them in my Pampered Chef mini bar pan, in the toaster oven. (It's HOT here! I try to run my oven as little as possible! ;) 5.quiet time in the mornings to read and journal. 6.Google Calendar. I would be lost without it. Syncs with my iPhone calendar and my menu planner! I always know what's for dinner on any particular day. I also set alerts to remind me to defrost meat, soak beans, put dinner in Crockpot etc. Lifesaver! I hope to be able to do an additional post on my menu planning soon. 7.a little bit of knitting (even if it was half a row!) and those yummy lemon bars again! 8.watching My Girl create a plethora of pony bead keychains! Her new passion! 9.maternity denim cut-offs, sent to me by Sara just in the nick of time. (They were originally jeans, but it's so stinkin' hot here and they were super long anyway, I made them into cut-offs - Hope you don't mind Sara!!!) All my clothes are getting a bit snug and I've sworn I won't buy any more clothes the whole month of August!

What's been making you HAPPY lately?

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  1. I know this is an old post, but what kind of markers do you use for your journalling? I'm always on the lookout for great markers!


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