Monday, July 30, 2012

happy list // 07.30.2012

Happy List // 07.30.12

1.incense & coffee 2.a favorite pizza eaten on the patio, in the warm, fading, Summer sun 3.this perfectly adorable, chocolate smeared face! 4.strawberry galette with homemade whipped cream. Mmm . . . so simple and delicious! 5.this simple act of playing independently. It is so rare with this one. Surely something to be happy about! 6.20 pounds of tomatoes, from the farm to do with as I please. Salsa, ketchup, & pizza sauce, oh, my! 7.a round of VERY hot mini golf with the kiddos! We've decided it's better as a winter activity! ;) guys, being "safe" with their safety goggles, sanding wood pieces for the bunk bed in-progress big helpers!
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  1. I love that David builds furniture for the kids. It's really wonderful.

    1. David really enjoys working on projects for the kids. He is pretty handy. I think I'll keep him! ;)


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