Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my sis came to visit! :)

♥small town farmers market ♥coffee shop ♥joyful laughter ♥crazy antics ♥mud buddies ♥IKEA ♥water park fun ♥Chipotle ♥playing in the hose ♥making hula hoops ♥sitting on the porch ♥making chocolate chip cookies ♥and peanut butter too!☺♥slip n' slide ♥sidewalk chalk ♥homemade lattes ♥iPods/iPhone fun ♥Lego Indiana Jones ♥popcorn ♥donuts ♥Littlest Pet Shop ♥deep conversation ♥hugs ♥sunshine
3x3 collage1
3x3 collage2
It was a fast 6 nights, but some of the best yet this Summer! I am so glad my sister made the 3,306 mile road trip to my house to visit us! And I'm also SO glad she brought along my youngest niece (my brother's daughter) and her sweet Mama! It was the first time I had met this little sweetie, and she's TWO! I see a lot of my brother in her, but she is a lot like her Mama, and just as beautiful!
My sister was my first best friend, and I admire her so much!
Anyone that meets her can't help but fall in love with her. She has amazing kiddos as well, and they had me in stitches with their antics many times! Love this crazy bunch and miss them already!


  1. What fun, Khrista! I love seeing your photos!

  2. Oh what a wonderful time!! You are all beautiful and the photos are such a treasure of your time together. *love*

    Is that an iPhone app you're using? Love the processing.


  3. You take such beautiful pictures! I'm so glad that you had a great time with your sis and family. Love ya!


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