Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the best of childhood - best friends

Recently I was blessed to have my childhood Best Friend in the same state as me!
2 1/2 hours away in fact!
You can be assured I made the drive to see her when the chance arose.
(Actually my loving hubby drove for me. ;)
I have not seen Amy in 6 1/2 years!
She and I were each other's first BFFs at age 11.
You know the one...
The one you share so much in common with...
...want to spend every waking hour with...
...have sleepover, after sleepover with...
...share secrets, crushes and clothes with...
We met the year we were 11 years old.
We were both bookworms, and shy. And even though we only spent a year together before I moved to Japan, it was a bond made forever.
She and I would write massive amounts of letters to each other...this was before email, and I am so glad for that.
We wrote, and wrote, and wrote to each other. Sharing the latest news, feelings, thoughts of boys...etc.
We adorned the envelopes containing our conversations with stickers, and markers. We would send care packages every once in a while. She would send me the latest great candy (WARHEADS) that I did not have access to overseas. I kept all of the letters she sent me for a very long time. I think I may still have a few...
We were reunited when my family moved back state-side, the year we turned 16.
By then we were in that teenage stage where boyfriends became our worlds (at least mine, huh Amy? ;) and we had a harder time relating to one another. But we still remained close.
I moved again, this time a few states away, and the next time we would see each other was at her High School graduation. And then again at my wedding a few months later...
Then adulthood set in...She was a busy college student, and I was a budding wife.
We did not communicate as much now, but anytime we were reunited it was as if time had stood still and we picked up where we left off.
We still shared common interests and loved spending time together.
I very much wanted to be at her wedding...but circumstances prevented me from being there.
Our visit this past weekend was the first time I had met her husband!
(They have been married almost 5 years)
They are two very sweet souls, who I am blessed to know.
I have so much love and admiration for them, and pray that God's blessing will be upon them tenfold!
♥ Love you! ♥


  1. what an awesome description of a long and wonderful friendship... one that i have no doubt will continue for many, many, many years to come! :)
    i love you and your beautiful family! thank you for the encouragement and love (and diversion) you provided this week.
    i love the photos too... you and dave both did a great job! :)

  2. What sweet memories, Khrista! Reminds of our 2 little ones.
    Jen Mitchell


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