Friday, April 24, 2009

meet "Hairy Larry"...

G. had this brilliant idea for a craft yesterday. She insisted on creating this creature around 8PM when Mama was pretty tired, and just ready to relax. But alas, her persistence paid off and I helped her sew this cute little guy. I really didn't do much except sew on the bead eyes, and assist her in stitching around the edges. She did the embroidery mouth herself!
I told her he looked a bit like Larry from Veggie Tales, hence the name "Hairy Larry." She says he's fuzzy, sort of like hair, so the name fits. hmmm...

Tomorrow I'll be sharing that project I was telling you all about...Till then, have a great Friday...or Saturday, depending on which hemisphere you reside in. :)


  1. That is so great !! You did a wonderful job on Hairy Larry, G. !!

  2. This is SOOO cool. She is very creative I just love her so much

  3. She is so talented. She is always coming up with great ideas, I wonder where she gets it from. HMMM.....


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