Thursday, April 23, 2009


Can't think of a clever title... So my grand plans fell through yesterday when a wave of fatigue and nausea came over me. Seems my morning sickness has turned to afternoon sickness... I felt so tired and run down...postponed my grocery shopping. It was a miracle I even made dinner, I really need to go shopping..Any takers on that chore? The list is complete and ready to go! ha!
G. was able to go outside on our patio for a little while for some fresh air. She found her sidewalk chalk and created this little mural on the little hippie...takes after Mama.

David went to the store to get milk for me, since I was in no mood to go out anywhere, and picked up a few extra goodies as well.

These are the first items David has purchased for our little one. So sweet. The flowers are for the cranky Mama! ha!
My sister left a comment on yesterday's post asking for a link to the compost information that was under my coffee mug...For the benefit of all 3 of you that read this darn thing, (hee! hee!) here is the link: Decorate a Compost Bin there are a couple of good links in that article. And here is a link to the project G. and I are still going to attempt...we have a ton of empty egg cartons! Egg Carton Buggy Mobile The whole site has a lot of neat projects. I've bookmarked it for future reference. Enjoy! I'm off to drag my sick little girl and my tired body to the grocery store!


  1. Okay, so I do read the blog daily. However, at school I am unable to see the pictures unless I bypass on blocker so most of the time I read and then forget to look later when I am home and can actually post a comment. So I said all of that to say at least 4 people are reading. Haha. I do remember those days of not wanting to do anything, it to shall pass and you will forget all about them once baby is here. I know it is the furthest thing from my mind these days.

  2. Hooray, I'm one of the three !!! :)

    Love that G. is a little hippie like her Mama !!

    Love the bibs ! And the flowers for Mrs. Cranky Pants !!

    Off to check out the project ...

    Hope you got the shopping done and are feeling better ...

  3. That is so sweet of Dave to think of his "girls" I don't know why but I keep calling the baby a girl.
    Thank you sooo much for putting on the link for the compost and others.
    Hope you get to feeling better all the time soon.
    Love you!

  4. Check it out... I am comment number 4 so I guess that means there is more than 3 of us. Wink!

  5. hey i count too right? :) so you're up to 5... I know what you mean though. sometimes i wonder if it would be easier to just email you instead of posting on my blog. :) not that i've been good at keeping up with it anyway.
    cute bibs! i am excited to know what you will be having!! ;)


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