Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meet Tweety & Bluetail

Gwyneth has been wanting a pet to take care of by herself for some time now. She really wants a puppy (a pug to be exact) but with the harsh winters here (and the question "Who's going to walk the dog?" in -20 degree weather...and the ridiculous $1000 deposit our landlord requires, we settled on birds.
We chose to get two, so they would have companionship. We believe we got some very young parakeets. We can't tell the genders yet...but we call the yellow one "Tweety" and the one with the blue tail "Bluetail." Gwyneth and her best friend named them. :o) I think Tweety is a girl, and Bluetail is a boy, but we won't know for sure until they are older.
They are VERY skittish still, and fly to the corners of the cage any time we stick our hands in.
Yesterday we followed some tips from the internet and took their food out of their cage in the morning. Later in the day when they were cheeping away as if to say "Where is our FOOD!?" I put a little of their seed in my hand and very slowly placed it in the cage. Tweety was the first to let the hunger overtake her, and she disregarded the fact that I was standing there with my hand extended and proceeded to eat right out of my hand! Bluetail came over a few minutes later before she could eat it all herself. Later Gwyneth was able to try and they both ate out of her hand as well. David was able to feed them when he got home too. We're hoping they will let us handle them more in the future and that they will get over their fears of us.
Gwyneth feeds and waters them everyday, and loves to stand by the cage and talk to them.

Um, that's not food Bluetail! :o)


  1. oh that is so sweet. i am so happy for Gwynie to have a pet finally! they are beautiful, and the pics came out so well....who took them?

  2. they are so cute! :) I had a green parakeet named Oscar. He eventually would sit on my shoulder while I read a book. they'll get used to you!

  3. oh, and I love how excited she is in that first picture... it's so obvious she is thrilled! :)


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