Tuesday, August 12, 2008



This date marked my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary! I wanted to post a little something about them, to express how special this is.
My parents were married, August 8th, 1978. Two years before I came into this world. They have been a constant encouragement, and example of what a true partnership should be.
They have stayed together through good times, and some very rough times.
In the 30 years they have been together, they have raised 4 wonderful children (*wink*) who have blessed them with 8 grandchildren.
I think their marriage is a testament that love can endure, and that true commitment is still real in today's society!
I'm sure both of them would tell you that it has not always been easy, but that ups outweigh the downs. I pray that they have many more years together!
I wish I had a recent picture of just the two of them together, but this picture truly captures just what my parents are all about. Love and family.This picture was taken two years ago, before we were blessed with Jacob's wife Marissa, and their adorable baby girl Emma.
I love you Dad and Mom and pray your anniversary was blessed in every way!

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  1. Thank you for your touching tribute. I hope your mom and I can have another 30 years together. Love can endure if we put God 1st, family 2nd, others next, and ourselves at the bottom of the list. Your mom is an amazing woman who has done this throughout our years together and I credit God and her for the type of partnership we have. We have been blessed with being able to see our children grow and start families of their own that are also testaments "that love can endure, and that true commitment is still real in today's society".

    I love and miss you so much,



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