Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Girl Was Here

My Girl is always up to something creative these days. Her imagination is boundless. She loves anything craft-y! Give her paper, glue, markers, clay, paper plates, straws etc...and she'll produce something magnificent! It also helps when Mommy picks up cool magazines like this:All those pink tabs are hers. She has marked many of these projects. What's really neat about most of these ideas is that most of them can be made with household items you may already have. I'm not sure if it is still in print. I bought it a few weeks ago...maybe months, I can't remember. If you have any little "crafters" in your brood, My Girl and I highly suggest this magazine!This was one of the projects featured in the magazine. She played with it in the tub the next day and it got a little soggy... :o) Here she is giving all her Webkinz a ride in the "boat." (Another collection of hers...she currently has 8...spoiled? Maybe just a little bit. But in my defense she has been gifted a few of them and bought the rest with her own chore money.) We've lost count with the Littlest Pets. She now has a caddy that she got as a birthday gift that she can carry up to 150 Littlest Pets's half full!Here's a little diptych of her playing outside on one of the warmer days we've had recently. Her Littlest Pet VIP sat on the porch and enjoyed the fresh air. :o)

I was browsing my April 2008 picture folder today and saw that I have only 65 images saved. (That is personal photos, I did take many more than that, but they were of AWANA events.) That's pretty low for me. Compare that to my March 2008 folder with 207 images. Granted there were two birthdays and our annual trip to the ice park in that batch. Slow month picture-wise. But April went by so fast in other aspects. School is just about done for the summer! Yipee! My Girl and I have been cramming two lessons into each day to finish in time. We started school six weeks after the local schools started. We are now only one week behind them! I am so ready for summer! We have about 5 inches of fresh snow blanketing our back lawn right now. I opened the blinds this morning and moaned...ugh! The streets are still pretty clear as it's too warm to stick...Enough already! I went back and took a look at some photos from last summer...To generate a little hope...Here's two of my favorites...
And this beautiful weather is only 12 weeks away...whaaa!!!


  1. I'm always so excited when I see a post from you in my google reader ! I hadn't actually made it down to your blog ... I'm making my way through the 105 unread posts in there since I haven't read blogs in a few days ! I'm just reading from the top down to the bottom ... lots of those are recipe blogs so I just peek at the recipe ! Don't know if I would have even made it down to the R's today but, your email came so here I am !! :)

    I love the craftyness of Gwyneth. I think Alia will be like that but I'm not game to let her lose with glitter and all that yet !! She's tooooooo messy !! But ... maybe I could let her do it outside ... at the table where I let her do playdough !! :)

    The summer photos are gorgeous !! When you start posting summer photos, I start wanting to come visit Alaska !!

  2. That Magazine looks so cool. I think Arianna would love it. That is on my list of things to look for now!
    That snow you just got STINKS!! I don't know how you do it.
    Gwyneth is so very talented, and EXTREMELY smart! don't know where she could have got that with the parents she has ;) can't wait for you to have warm weather like in that pic! Love ya

  3. Hmmm, I wonder where she gets that creative spark?! :)
    I really miss being able to see you guys in person, but I love that I can "watch" her grow up on the blog, and keep up with you as well.
    Sorry about the weather... we had a tiny bit of snow flurries yesterday if it makes you feel better! I am beyond ready for warmer weather. And I'm with Bonnie... I'd love to come visit you guys sometime - in the summer! :)

  4. Guess who? ;]
    G is such a cutie.
    Miss ya'll SOOOOO much.


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