Friday, January 11, 2008

he's home

David is home. He came home just before lunch. The doctor came in to see him before his discharge and bent his leg 90°. David said it didn't hurt so much during, as it did after! He's been on Percocet since last night. He rated his pain in the car on the way home at an 11-12! Off the chart of 0-10! Nerve wracking for me to be the driver today, especially when he was in so much pain. We came up to the two lane bridge we have to cross to get to our neighborhood, and discovered there was an accident right at the end of the bridge. We had to take the long route home! Of all days! I had to check my attitude though as there may have been some injuries in that crash. It didn't look too good.
So he's home, and resting. He slept most of the afternoon. We plan to watch Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End tonight.

I got the DVD for him for Christmas and we haven't had a chance to watch it yet. It's almost 3 hours long! Quite a time commitment, and not a movie we think Gwyneth should watch. Tonight might be the night! If David can stay awake through it! hee! hee! The Percocet makes him a little sleepy, probably the exhaustion from the pain too.
It's pizza night too! I LOVE pizza night! It's such an easy meal to put together!


  1. We had pizza night last night ... we got the Friday night pizza idea from you, you know !? Now we do it almost every Friday !! The kids look forward to it !! As do I, because, you are right ... it's sooo easy !

    Glad David is home ! Did you make it through Pirates ? Rory and I watched that a couple months ago ... it was LOOOONG !! I think I missed most of it !

  2. You might be interested in participating in this one ... I'm going to do a post about my little point and shoot. I imagine you'd have a whole lot more to say about yours ...


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