Friday, January 11, 2008

thank you

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for David today. He did very well through surgery. Gwyneth and I were able to be with him after they moved him to the room he'll stay the night in. When we arrived he was on the phone! :o) He had plenty of free time, so he decided it was a good time to catch up with friends and family.
*HERE* is an informative web page with info about the surgery. It is mild compared to the very graphic websites I've seen! I don't know how David handles being in the operating room! ugh!
He was out of surgery by 9:30AM. We arrived around 11:30AM. He was pretty groggy, but coherent. He dozed off and on all afternoon. It was a relaxing day spent in front of the TV. Gwyneth played her Gameboy, and I painted my nails. We even went downstairs to get her last shot she'll need until she is 11. We went ahead and got our flu shots while we were there.
David had an IV drip all day with a Morphine option. He did not push the button for Morphine all day! All the staff kept asking about his pain, if he wanted meds. His leg is wrapped up so tight, I don't think he can feel anything. He got up and walked with the aide of his crutches. They had disconnected his IV by the time Gwyneth and I returned from dinner. He was just finishing up his Chicken Cordon Bleu when we arrived. He ate ALL his dinner. Up to that point he didn't have much of an appetite. Before we left for the night he also had a Reese's Peanut Butter cup (his FAVORITE!) and his beloved Dr Pepper. He can't live without those two things! Those two things were also two of his Mom's favorites! She hardly went a day without a Dr Pepper and always had Reese's on hand!

Please continue to pray. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a little more uncomfortable for him than today. The anesthesia will have completely worn off, and he will have to control his pain with meds. The doctor says he will have to bend his leg a complete 90° tomorrow! (OUCH!)
His recovery will be long, and his physical therapy will be tough.
One of the perks is he gets four weeks leave from work! He's very hopeful he will have a brand new knee and is looking forward to being active again, and beating these young soldiers at running!

So tonight we sleep in separate beds. I never sleep well when he is away. There is no one here to turn down the bed , put out my dental floss, put toothpaste on my toothbrush, fill the humidifier.
I'm so pampered! I have such a wonderful, sweet husband!


  1. Khrista,

    I am so encouraged that things went so well for David and that you and Gwenyth were able to spend time with him. I only found out about the surgery late last night after getting home from work...I don't check your blog every day. I know the four weeks off will be physically challenging but I'm sure you both will enjoy the fact that he will be home for a good, long stretch. We love you and will be praying for a COMPLETE recovery so David can show them what he is really made of. (ha,ha)


  2. Glad everything went well Khris! And how great that you got to see him yesterday. I know it stinks sleeping apart ! I hate that too !! And wow ! You are so pampered ! What a kindhearted man you married !!

  3. Khrista, I'm now just reading about this for the first time. How's he feeling and healing these days?


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