Sunday, April 15, 2007

He got married!

My baby brother got married Friday April 13th!
He shocked us a couple weeks ago, telling us he was joining the Navy! Now this! WOW!
I have never met his wife. From what I've heard she is a very sweet girl! Jacob loves her immensely! I can't wait to meet her! (by the way her name is Marissa! :o)
We are going to visit in July to attend their formal wedding. 07/07/07...Cool!
We're really excited and happy for them! (pretty surprised too! ha!)
He heads off to boot camp in September, and then school 8 weeks later.
I just can't believe it all!
Wow! My Baby brother!
(He's gonna hate how many times I said that! ha!)
I stole these photos from Rachel's (my sister) blog. Aren't they cute together?!

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  1. I can't believe it!! First Ashlie, now Jacob! Makes me feel old!! They look very happy together! Will you guys be able to be there for the wedding in July?


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