Monday, May 07, 2007


On a walk last week. Love all the trees!
I know it's been a here's a post about what's been up...
Life is staying fairly full for us... But not too full...
Well maybe for David. He is working some long hours, due to an inspection of sorts at the hospital and is busy with school as well. He is also going to an NCO board (Non Commissioned Officer evaluation of sorts...TEST... hee hee) this coming month too! He had a physical fitness test this morning (he passed) and his whole section is moving to a new hospital in June. He's quite a busy guy.
AWANA is on a break until the fall. Closing ceremony and awards were a couple weeks ago. Gwyneth was the only SPARK who received the review patch this year. That means that she went through the SPARKS handbook twice. She memorized 31 Bible verses (recited them all twice) and can recite all the names of the books of the New Testament. We are incredibly proud of her!
Gymnastics is going good. (The video above is from March when Gwyneth climbed all the way to the top of the rope! One of the skills you must attain to join the team.) At the end of the season (end of March) Gwyneth was evaluated by her coach and it was determined that her and two other girls on her team would be able to advance to level 3. Level 3 is not necessarily a competition level gymnastics. Level 4 is the first official level of compulsory competition in the USA Gymnastics competitive system. She will have the chance to go to Anchorage at least once this year and do a sort of competition. She is surprisingly very excited about it. Not too nervous. She is doing incredibly well at keeping up with some of the more advanced girls. Her practice times increased. She goes 3 days a week for 2 hours at a time. (Our financial commitment increased as well...)
I'm keeping busy taking Gwyneth to and from all her activities. We go to the library and the grocery store a lot. ha! I'm cooking more often...just about every night. I've cut out most of the junk. Incorporating more vegetables (real, whole foods!) and buying organic when possible. I've learned a lot about food and organics...Also about some of the dangerous ingredients in some of the things we use daily...i.e. makeup, hair products, cleaning's incredible!
I'm still knitting...I finished David's scarf! (will post a picture soon.) After many breaks, and what I thought were mess-ups, and many trips to the yarn store for help from the very friendly and knowledgeable store owner Janene , I can proudly say it is finished. I love it! It's SO soft!
I am currently working on a bag for me. It's going to be knit and felted, and will replace my current bag made of PVC. :o)
The weather is warming up here. It is currently 51 as I type. It's reached 60 a few times these past few weeks. We got our first rain in 6 months the other day. It was nice. It kinda cleaned the streets up a bit. Now my car is a different story! ha! All the ice and snow from winter did a job on it! We'll get it cleaned soon enough!

We are getting close to 16 hours of daylight now. The sun rises around 5AM and sets close to 11PM! It's the wildest thing!
We put Gwyneth to bed and the sun is still shining bright! I've been having a hard time going to bed with the sun still up. We are going to be wimps and make some curtains for the bedrooms. Most native Alaskans have no problem with the prolonged daylight, and sleep just fine without shades. We're not quite there yet!
I hope to get back to posting more regularly again. I've taken a lot of pictures and am thinking of just posting a couple a day...We'll see!

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