Thursday, February 08, 2007


We recently picked up a weaving loom for Gwyneth to nurture her creative urges. She is always drawing something, “Creating” something. Her mediums of choice are crayons, markers, paint, watercolors, paper, glue, tape, empty egg cartons, toilet paper rolls…you name it. If I am throwing it away, she will find a use for it, and create something masterful with it!

This loom, and taking the time to teach Gwyneth something creative, brought back many memories for me. I do not remember making these nylon potholders when I was little (David said he made one in 2nd grade)but am sure I did because my mom was always making stuff with us as kids. She is a natural crafts woman. She crochets, knits, cross-stitches, and sews. I wish I had half her natural ability to pick this stuff up. As far as I know, she learned most of her craft skills from books. I know she learned to sew from my Granny.

(My Granny making a flower garland out of the dandelions Gwyneth picked. -Spring 2005)

My Granny and my mom used to sew us little outfits. We had such fun picking out the patterns and fabric! One year the coveted item was a poodle skirt. My sister wanted one so bad! She convinced our Granny to make her one, and she loved that skirt very much! Granny also made Rachel her prom dress! I remember my Granny teaching my sister and me to sew. For a long time she had a sewing studio of sorts in the back of her house. My granddaddy had one-half for his wood shop, and she had the other half for her sewing. My granddaddy made us some amazing things as well. He made the desk I am sitting at, for me years ago. It is beautiful. Lovingly made, with wonderful little details. I still have the heart bookends he made for me as well. They are now a part of Gwyneth’s room.

I guess the creative gene runs strong in our family.
Scrapbooking is something all of my sisters and I do. Rachel has a very keen sense for decorating. My brother Jacob is musically inclined. He plays the guitar very well and has an awesome voice like my dad.
My mom taught me the basics of knitting when I was 10 years old. I can knit dishtowels. I wish I could knit items that were more interesting, but am so grateful that I have even learned this skill. I wish I lived closer to my mother, so that I could learn more from her.
My mother most recently made a beautiful afghan for me for Christmas. It is something I will treasure forever.

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