Friday, February 09, 2007

"Mom, I think I'll marry Nate."

While driving to AWANA the other night in silence, Gwyneth said: "Mom, I think I'll marry Nate." (For the very few people who might not know who Nate is, he is my sister's oldest son. They were born almost exactly one year apart. March 28th, 2000, and March 27th, 2001)
After recovering from my surprise I told her she couldn't marry Nate. She asked "Why not?" (o.k. how do you explain that to a 6 year old?) I went on to tell her that it is a law we have to obey. I also told her that I believe God wants us to marry people who aren't our family, so our family can grow bigger. She said "I don't get it." I told her that we don't always understand things, but we have to accept them anyway. The concrete mind of a 6 year old... After a couple minutes I asked her "Why do you want to marry Nate?" She replied "Because he's nice." I told her that maybe she will meet a nice boy like Nate someday, and she could marry him.

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