Monday, February 12, 2007


(if you can't tell which one is before and after, then I may just jump off a cliff! ha!)

So after examining my sorry excuse for a dishtowel yesterday, I determined I needed more I made another one. Much better this time. It actually resembles a washcloth!
Near the very end I was getting anxious and excited that I might actually finish this one without any mistakes...then it happened...I picked up an extra stitch on accident. Pooie!
So I have decided when I get anxious and excited, I need to take a break and breath...then come back fresh and finish...So I am going to make another towel today.
I want to attempt a scarf next, but figure one more dishtowel and I'll be ready!

Oh, and just a silly picture from last night. While cleaning up the bathroom after her bath I sent her to put on her pajamas...she comes back and says "I need help, I've forgotten how to put on my pajamas." Silly girl! She had the bottoms on her head and the top on her legs!
And the fuuny thing she said to me when I grabbed my camera: "Oh, you're going to take a picture of me and put it on that online thing?" Hmmm...she knows me very well!

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  1. the 2nd one is definitely better! :) is there anything you can't do?? actually, i was just talking to a friend about wanting to learn to knit. i am trying to learn one new thing at a time, so i don't overwhelm myself and give up on them all. now i am learning spanish, so maybe after that...


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