Sunday, February 11, 2007

knitting brownies & setting up home

As I type the smell of freshly baked brownies wafts up to the second floor. Mmmm...Of course they're nothing fancy, just a box mix, with a few extra ingredients...chocolate chips and walnuts. I had a craving for chocolate. Brownies always satisfy my chocolate cravings. Gwyneth helped mix them up. She is getting pretty good at cracking the eggs. We've had a few messes. ha! I think she's getting the hang of it though.

Today has been a fairly productive/relaxing day. I finished knitting my dishtowel I started back in November. It looks horrible! I can't count how many times I dropped stitches! Ugh. But it's a start. I checked out a book from the library to refresh my memory of how knitting is done, but perhaps the most helpful item I checked out was a pretty dated video with a french man teaching the basics of knitting. I am a visual learner. I have to see it being done to really grasp the concepts.

I also figured out how to actually finish Gwyneth's nylon potholder that she weaved. It looks great! I used it to take the brownies out of the oven today.
I've been organizing the office/scrapbook room today. I hung five pictures! We've lived here nearly two months and those are some of the first pictures to go up. It's slowly coming together.

And because I am a dork:
one more picture of the brownies in the oven. I thought the light was cool....I know...I need to get out more! ha!


  1. I love this post ! I'm wishing I was at your place to taste those brownies, that's for sure !

    Hey, did you know that you can get knitting instructions on line ? is the one I used after my Mom left and I couldn't remember how to cast off when I finished my first scarf !! (My Mom gave me a refresher course in knitting when she was here in September as I haven't knit since I was a little girl !! ) Anyway, the website was good. Really basic, lots of pictures !!

  2. So I absolutely LOVE Gwyneth's pot holder!!! So much so that I want to know where to get the stuff and how to make one myself (as if I have time for such things!) I might if I'd stop procrastinating my homework by emailing and browsing blogs!!! We have a kitchen matt that looks exactly the same as the potholder - they'd be perfect with it!

  3. P.S. I'm in the process of knitting a pair of slipper socks (first project in knitting) but I've taken an extended leave of absence since, um three weeks or so ago...I'm on the second one, only one third of the way to go, I should finish it before the winter's out. I'll send you a pic. I'll want to see your scarf too - the dish rags look great.


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