Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have to admit, I really got into Valentine's Day this year. At least for all of the kids Gwyneth encounters in the course of a week. We made Valentines on the computer with a kit you can get HERE . So much fun! We made little 3.5x2.5 Valentines to attach a piece of candy to.
She handed these out at AWANA last night! LOVED it! She only received two Valentines, but I prepared her beforehand by telling her it is more fun to give than receive. :o) She was so excited to hand them out!
We also did something a little more special for the girls in her gymnastics class. Being a MUCH smaller class enabled us to pick out candy and goodies and make treat bags. Complete with toppers made from the above mentioned kit.
We stuffed the baggies with candy, a Strawberry Shortcake pencil, a little Lisa Frank notebook, and a fashion ring. Gwyneth loved picking the items out at Walmart. They came out costing a little over $2 a bag. We made 8 total.
David and I don't really get into Valentine's Day. I think small gestures when they're least expected are more exciting. I'd much rather receive some chocolate on an average day than only one day out of the year! :o)
But in the spirit of love, here is a photo of David and I back in December!

Have a happy day!


  1. Hey Khrista! These valentine photos are awesome. The cards you made are precious and Gwyneth is so photogenic. Hope you had a great V-Day.


  2. CUTE cards! you probably made all the other mommies feel inadequate! haha! you are always so creative... and i agree with your dad - gwyneth is very photogenic, just like her mom. :)


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