Friday, February 09, 2007

Pay Attention!

Today...three days after I went shopping...I looked at my receipt. And gasped! WHO spends $8 on tomatoes?! WOW! I need to start paying more attention! That's just ridiculous! Produce is much more expensive here. (if you look above the tomatoes, you will see how much I spent on lemons..and a little further down the cantaloupe...)
Most of our produce is shipped from Washington, or Canada.
I know I can buy cheaper tomatoes though! sheesh!

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  1. Sheesh is right ! This might make you jealous but I'll tell you anyway ... yesterday I bought a box of tomatoes, I think there was like 60 or 70 tomatoes in it, for TWO DOLLARS !!!! I made a huge (REALLY HUGE) pot of yummy spaghetti sauce - most of which I froze last night !!


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