Thursday, February 15, 2007

terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

...well evening anyway.

The good news about Silly Putty is that it's nontoxic. The bad news is that Silly Putty -- now in Original, Glow-in-the-Dark, Glitter, Changeable and Bright colors --does not make a good set of ear plugs!

We found this out on Monday night. Gwyneth just HAD to have the cool, purple, color changing, silly putty. She had a great time rolling it into a ball, watching it turn from purple to pink with the warmth of her hands, bouncing it on the floor and chasing after it in Blockbuster... but all the fun ended when we were walking out of Walmart and she says to me "Mommy I can't get this out!..." I look behind me and behold the above sight! She told me she thought the putty would make nice ear plugs. (Huh?!) Standing near the exit at Walmart I made a feeble attempt to take the putty out. No luck... So I told her no matter what do NOT touch it anymore while we make the drive home. We get home and I am at a loss as to how to remove this gunk from her hair without cutting it! I get a little out by just pulling, thank goodness my sweet little girl is not tender headed. Then I got the brilliant idea to look it up on the internet! Aha! PAM should do the trick! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, PAM, the cooking spray! Makes sense?! So I butter up my little dear's hair, what a greasy mess...but alas! PAM did the trick! No scissors were involved in the removal of the silly putty!

We also returned home to two dead fish. Yeah! Now these are technically David and Gwyneth's fish, but I have been the one feeding them twice a day, and they just happen to decide to die when David is away at school for two weeks. hmmm...(Can you tell I am not very fond of fish?) So I had the wonderful task of fishing them out and disposing of them...all before dinner...I didn't have much of an appetite after all this. (this paragraph is not intended to offend any fish lovers out there...just venting.)

But...this made it all good. My new stash of very cool ribbon, snagged at awesome prices! My moods are easily lifted! ha! And I also picked up a knitting kit to start my scarf project!


  1. You crack me up ... your mood was lifted by your new ribbons ! I laughed out loud at that ! I sooo understand where you are coming from and that ribbon is very cool ! I love that you post those sorts of things on your blog ! That's why I come "visit" everyday !! Love, Bon

  2. that really does sound like a pretty frustrating day! :P doesn't everything seem to happen all at once?! that ribbon is way cute!! i love ribbon, and shopping for scrapbooking stuff always lifts my mood too! although i spend more time making cards lately than scrapping. i couldn't help but notice that it is -26 there right now! yuck! miss you!


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