Thursday, December 21, 2006


A couple pictures of Gwyneth goofing off in Seattle, and taking pictures with her camera Aunt Laura had given her, and my "last" Starbucks Mocha...

We arrived Thursday evening. December 14th. I want to post details so I will start with day one...

We arrived in Fairbanks after a LONG journey! From the time we stepped foot on the plane in San Antonio, to the time we stepped off in Fairbanks we had been traveling over 15 hours. We had a close connection in Dallas (we were practically running to our gate, and were the last passengers to board) and an arrival gate change in Seattle that had us walking a good distance to our connecting gate. David was splashed with orange juice, and Dr Pepper during our flights. We had a really turbulent ride over the Rocky Mountains, but they were so beautiful to gaze at through our window! We ate dinner in Seattle and I enjoyed one last Mocha from Starbucks as there are none in Fairbanks.
Once we arrived in Fairbanks we walk to "the" baggage claim area (there is only one) all the while keeping an eye out for David's boss who is picking us and our large amount of luggage up. Thank goodness he was wearing a name tag! We meet him and David and him get acquainted while waiting for the luggage.
Gwyneth and I put on our long underwear in the restroom. We dug out all our coats, hats, and gloves.
Our first step out of the airport was a little shocking. I breathed in through my mouth and found myself coughing from the chill...(note to self: breath with mouth closed.)
The ride to the base was not long. The roads were icy and there was snow all along the sides of the roads. David's boss informs me that there is in fact a Starbucks in town. Inside the larger grocery store chains here. (Yipee!)
We arrive at the Northern Lights Inn on post. It is a very nice Inn. Our room is spacious. It has a bedroom separate from the kitchenette, and living area. The couch has a pull out bed for Gwyneth to sleep on. The commissary (grocery store) and PX (dept. store) are directly across the street. The bowling alley is across the street as well, and Burger King is behind us.
We were all kind of hungry when we arrived, but had no transportation, so we raided the vending machines. Gwyneth and David got Doritos, and I got microwave popcorn. Oh, and WATER...we were all really thirsty too. We tried not to drink too much on our flights, because it's so inconvenient to use their lavatories! ugh!
So here ends day one...

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  1. You made it !! Yippee !! I've been checking your blog everyday to see when you got there ! (of course, I check your blog almost every day anyway ! I have four blogs that I read each morning ) BUT, it was so exciting to read your post this morning ! What an adventure you are on !! I love it ! And reading your post makes it feel like I'm right there with you ! It's funny. The last paragraph or so took me back to Spain one time. I remember we were at the Navy Lodge and totally raided the vending machines !!! Ok. better go, seeing as this is a comment ... not supposed to be a book !! I'm so glad you have made it to Alaska and can't wait to read all about it ! And see the amazing photos I'm sure you will take ! Love you. Bon


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