Thursday, December 21, 2006


This first picture was taken around 3:30 pm. You never really "see" the sun right now. It just kinda peeks over the horizon for a couple hours and becomes dark again.

The last photo is through our room window. Gwyneth pines away at this playground every day. I told her she couldn't go play on it until it was 0 degrees or "warmer." (ha! "warmer") She wants to play in the snow SO bad! On our way into the hotel I let her grab a little snow and throw it and David and I. But only on the way in, so if she gets wet and cold we can get her dry and warm. She knows she isn't allowed to do that on the way out, because once you get cold outside, you can't get warm again!

We all got up really early. David and I at 5:30. Which was really 8:30 in San Antonio, so it didn't feel so bad. We needed to allow time for mine and Gwyneth's hair to dry before venturing out in the - degree weather. I've heard that if you go out with wet hair in those temperatures, it will break off...
We went down and ate the complimentary continental breakfast that is offered here at the hotel every morning. Of course Gwyneth only ate an picky.
David's new boss sent someone over from where he will work to drive us to pick up our CR-V. We arrived there a little after 8:00. It was really quick signing out our car. We asked if the generous individual who gave us a ride there would lead us to the local Walmart, and then give us directions back to the base from there. She obliged us and we wandered around Walmart for a good while. I needed some more Long Johns, and a few other essentials that were hard to find in the warm climate of San Antonio.
Walking around this Walmart I noticed that there were more employees in blue shirts than customers! It was the quietest Walmart I've ever been in! I felt like they were all staring at me though, as if I didn't quite fit in there...probably all in my head. ha! We've since been back at varying times of day and I have noted I only want to shop there on weekday mornings! Being the only Walmart around it's really busy later in the day, and on the weekends.
When we walked out the doors we discovered with the illumination of the recently risen sun that there were mountains surrounding us! COOL! Maybe not classified as mountains per-say...but high ground nonetheless.
We successfully made it back to the base, and took a ride around in the daylight to get a peek at our surroundings. I took all these pictures through the windows of the car. Too nervous about the cold and how my camera will react to it!
Since it was pizza night (Friday) we decided to try a restaurant called Boston's. The pizza wasn't what we expected, and Gwyneth was disappointed that they were all out of the kid's "Worms & Dirt" I did try a beer called Moose Drool (When in Alaska...) very interesting name!
We all arrived back to our room satisfied and kind of tired. The time change, and early sunset was catching up to us.


  1. COOOOOOOL ! (Literally, I suppose !) That playground picture is amazing. How are you dealing with the cold ? Do you think it will be ok ? You must be looking forward to moving into your house and settling in !!

  2. wow! it is gorgeous there!
    it would be cool to visit there, but i could never live there :)...i'm a baby when it comes to snow. especially driving in it. :) i'm glad u guys are doing good. i hope u guys can get settled into your house quickly.

  3. moose drool is from montana.... yummmm.
    i see its negative 38. umm. way too cold.


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