Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cold weather...

We've had a few days of cooler weather here in South Texas. It's about to warm up again though. Then Thursday we travel to even COLDER temperatures! Alaska here we come!
So with the cooler weather I had the urge to bake. Chocolate Chip Cookies... I've finally used a recipe that works! (Rachel, I can forward it to you! :o) I've always struggled with chocolate chip cookies. A few months ago I was flipping through a scrapbook magazine and saw a page that referenced this lady perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe...well every one has a blog these days so I "googled" her name and emailed her through her blog asking if she would share her secrets. To my surprise she replied and generously shared her tips!
Viola! YUMMY melt in your mouth cookies! They are irresistible!
Gwyneth got the biggest one! It was almost 6 inches in diameter! (I didn't let her eat it all in one sitting!)

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  1. MMMMMM, cookies!! They look delicious! When you have time, forward me the recipe. We are doing our Christmas baking on Saturday. I wasn't planning to make gingerbread, but now I am reconsidering! You will be in our prayers as you travel this week. I'm so excited for you!! Love and miss you lots! ~Amy


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