Monday, November 27, 2006

Our Late Thanksgiving Meal

We had our Thanksgiving meal Sunday. David's dad was in town, and David's brother flew into town to spend the holiday here. We had TON of food! Even a fried turkey compliments of my friend Steve and his family. It was all so yummy! I didn't have much of an appetite after cooking it all, and I think I am coming down with a cold so my taste buds aren't 100 %. But I had my fill...
Here are a few shots I snapped...Nothing spectacular...just capturing the moments.
We pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with the people you love and are thankful for!

David pulled out all of his Dad's Christmas decorations and lights. The kids got to decorate the tree. I'll share those photos later.

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  1. Khris,

    I love the way you post photos of your meals !!! Almost makes me feel like I was eating them with you ! Looks like your Thanksgiving was great !! Gwyneth sure is growing up. I'm amazed at the changes every time I see another picture. She's really loosing her baby face and turning into such a little girl !! She's beautiful !

    Love you,


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