Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

We are still alive and well...
We are not having our big Thanksgiving meal until Sunday. David's brother is coming into town and we're going to celebrate then with him and David's sister and her family.

We're enjoying our stay at David's dad's house. We are currently car-less, having sold David's Civic this last Monday! Yeah! That's a relief! We had it advertised on Auto Trader for nearly three months with many interested people, they just weren't willing to pay our asking price. Finally a father buying his daughter her first car offered an appealing amount and we accepted! I'm glad that's taken care of. David is really excited to get a truck after we move to Alaska.

So now we wait...
We are flying out of here on the 14th of December. Our CR-V is expected to be there no later than that date. And our household goods should be there as well. Please pray that housing is open for us on the base there, and if that is not available that we will find the perfect home to rent.

Instead of going back a few weeks in pictures I really wanted to post some pictures from today. I will eventually work my way back to the pictures from the previous three weeks, maybe even post a few. I'm not real sure how these images will look color wise as I am still not that pleased with my laptop's color capabilities...Working on it. Here are a couple images of Gwyneth outside enjoying the clear, sunny, 78 degree, Thanksgiving day. I added one of her with her buddy Midnite. They get along famously (most of the time) and love to play together.

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  1. Glad to see you are still around. :) i've been wondering about you! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Gwyneth looks gorgeous as usual. Enjoy that 78 degrees while you can! :) Miss ya... keep me updated on your travel progress and everything.


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