Tuesday, July 18, 2006

leavin' on a jet plane...

*ETA* All images are enlarged in a new window when you click them!
we head out for vacation tomorrow...I should be packing right now, but really can't as most of our clothes are going through the laundry at the moment.
busy day today, but thought I'd post some random photos from this month...

practically the only photo I took on July 4th!
A local BBQ joint had this awesome colored wall! I couldn't resist!

Don't worry folks, it's just root beer!

We had quite a few days of rain this month! With it came a few rainbows!

Playtime with Daddy...
Some images David took in an effort to pick up the camera more, and learn how to use it.
I thought this images was particularly cool. It's my reflection in a picture.
Found this in our backyard one day. A snake forgot something passing through! It was about 3 ft. long! ick!
Gwyneth went swimming for the first time this month! The only other time I think she's ever been in a pool was when she was a couple months old! Sad but true! She LOVED it! Had no fear!
Last one for now. I was testing focus and exposure of my new lens, and LOVED how this one turned out! She was playing in the mud!
So I'm off to pack! I might post from vacation...but don't hold your breath! I intend to enjoy the time off, and spend some quality time with the family!

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  1. GREAT pictures! I think your specialty is portraits. :) Hope you are having fun on your vacation! We just got back Sunday night, and we had a great time. I haven't had time to post any of the pictures yet, but I will be working on that. Safe traveling!


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