Tuesday, July 11, 2006

take a peek...

at what I've been up to lately-----> (check the photography site)

I've been privileged to tag along with my photographer friend Steve www.capturedkeepsakes.com
to a few of his Senior '07 promo shoots. It's been awesome to get out and photograph cooperative subjects. These were beautiful girls! Very easy to photograph! We went to a sunflower field yesterday and here are two I took of Gwyneth...


  1. Those are so cute I can hardly stand it!!! Great pictures!! I was wondering where you've been! :)

  2. So beautiful ! I love the one of her in the white hat !! I loved the ones on your photography site too ! The one of the girl with the big sunflower in front of her face is my favorite !! I check your blog every day and LOVE it when there are new photos !!!


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