Saturday, January 14, 2006

still here...just busy

Hi all! We're still here...just keeping busy. The new year brought new goals and
realizations for me. One of my biggest goals was to spend less time on the
computer. It's hard when I want to play with my photos and browse blogs...but so
far so good. I want to spend more quality time with My Girl as well. So I've been
carving out little time slots through the day to spend just with her. Helping her
with a craft or, like the other day applying temporary tattoos to her arms.
Little stuff that matters big to her. I've only got one shot with her!

This week was spent mostly running errands, bank, post office, birthday
shopping etc.
David's dad celebrated a birthday Thursday.
We took over dinner, his favorite
pork chops and apple sauce, and My Girl and I
made the infamous cherry chocolate
cake. (Yum, yum!)

Today is a big event for Daddy and My Girl. Monster Trucks are in town! It will be
My Girl's first show. I think David and I went to two or three during our dating
years. We love them. It amazes me that I can be entertained by oversized monster
trucks destroying vehicles! It keeps my attention the entire show. David's Dad
had seen it advertised in the newspaper and asked if we wanted to go. David had
already been looking into getting tickets for about a month. Dad said he'd like
to go and he'd pay the way! This will be his first show as well.
David got pit passes and is going to take My Girl to that before the show... Dad
and I weren't interested in making it an all day event so David and My Girl will
return to pick us up for dinner and the show later this evening. That means a
couple hours to myself here and quality Daddy daughter time!
For this event and many others we wished we had a point & shoot camera we purchased this gem. It's our "family camera."
won't have any qualms about My Girl using it or David taking it to misc. events.
It's really cute and compact, and the image quality looks pretty good. Now we'll
never miss a moment!

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  1. I tried to post on here when you put it on, but it was locked up or something....I am wondering how you did that picture with pop pop?! It is so cool!


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