Sunday, January 15, 2006

Monster Trucks

Well, either I'm getting old or the shows are getting bad. I think the former.

The show last night ran 4 hours long! I was prepared for 2 or 3. Gwyneth and I

tuckered out the last hour and a half! It was entertaining at points, but overall

I think they made the show way too long, especially for a 4 year old! My favorite

part though was the very end, the freestyle part. Gwyneth and I watched this

from a lounge area on the tv screen. All the trucks got a few minutes to show

off. And many including the Grave Digger messed up their bodies.

I enjoyed before the show the most I guess. Olive Garden...mmm...mmm... I

had their Mix Grill (new, excellent!) and tons of salad!

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  1. WOW that was VERY long! It was nice to have some family time though huh!? Are these pics with the new compact camera? if so they are pretty good!


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