Friday, January 20, 2006

Childhood Lesson #65

Mommy will always find my "hidden" pieces of quesadilla, if my hiding spot is under the table...

Today Gwyneth and I sat down to eat lunch together. She enthusiastically said "I will finish all my quesadilla today!" We proceeded to have a pleasant lunch and she did in fact finish all of her quesadilla...or so I thought...

Afterward as I was wiping the table I noticed a pile of quesadilla pieces under the table! I was fuming at first, then regained my composure and brought her back to the dining room.

After a little questioning Gwyneth admitted that she had hid the quesadilla pieces so she wouldn't have to eat it all.

So...her computer time was taken away for the day. She was pretty upset...not sure if it was remorse for being sneaky, or because she couldn't play on the computer. :o)

(is it mean of me to take a picture of her cleaning her mess? ha! I am laughing about it now, and hope she will one day too! )

David surprised me this afternoon with these beautiful flowers. It's been a while since he's done something like that. Such a sweetie!


  1. Khrista,this is so funny....she is pulling some of the things you and Rachel would do,and I would do the same ,except for the picture...hee hee.Mom

  2. that is too funny...she is such a smart girl to figure that out. but of course it was a sneaky thing to do , and I think you did the right thing!

  3. that's funny... with most kids it is vegetables though. Does she eat those? :) Pretty flowers... it's been a while since I got any... we are so broke right now. :P


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