Tuesday, January 24, 2006

GO STEELERS! They are going to the SuperBowl!!! My Dad is pretty happy right now! I watched the game with David and his Dad this weekend.
We went over to Dad R.'s house on Sunday to have a Birthday celebration for David and his sister. I made White Enchiladas and a carrot cake for David and a pineapple upside down cake for his sister. We watched both games and played a round of "Golf." A new card game Dad recently taught us. We play every time we're over there. David won. AGAIN! Two in a row! It really is fun, I just have to keep my competitiveness in check!
Today is David's actual Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!
Gwyneth had gymnastics today and her teacher said she did really well. Gwyneth has gotten so hard on herself lately. When she can't do one of the moves such as a handstand or cartwheel, she gets discouraged and gets an attitude. I talked to her teacher about it, and asked if she had any advice, (she's not only her gymnastics teacher, but supermom too, SIX kids! whew!) she said that Gwyneth's determination and drive are good, as long as she learns to channel it in a healthy manner. That comes with time. I gave Gwyneth a pep talk in the car on the way home. I told her that she didn't have to be so hard on herself. She could just keep trying. She wasn't going to get everything perfect the first, time...that comes with practice. I shared my experience with piano. I also told her that in about a year if she wanted to she could start competing in gymnastics and join a team! She was really excited about that! I told her that they race the other team and do their moves really well, and win ribbons and even trophies. She thought that was really cool. That's still about a year off though. I talked to the lady in the office and she said they start competing as early as 6 years old. It means more practice times and a lot more work, but we have a year to see if Gwyneth is really heading that direction. It would be cool! I would love for her to concentrate on one sport and really enjoy it. I really loved piano. I think I might have loved gymnastics too...but it benefits you to start real early on that one.
We did sign her up for Spring soccer! She's really excited about that!
Well...I've rambled long enough...here is a picture of David and his cake, Gwyneth making his birthday card, and a collage I made and framed for David's desk at work. Ciao!


  1. wow you have alot of craftiness! Two cakes?! and a homade picture! which I must say is AWESOME! you are very beutiful...he'l be proud to have that on his desk!

  2. I'm impressed as well. :) Miss Gwyneth sounds like an only child, for sure. Or an oldest. Can we say perfectionist? :) She will eventually learn that the rest of the world probably isn't going to be as hard on her as she is on herself. Good for her, being so determined at such a young age!
    Happy Birthday David!

  3. See I don't check your blog out for awhile and look at what all I miss!!! AWESOME collage... you're a hottie for sure!


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