Friday, January 20, 2006

i did it!

I finally joined Curves! My mom and sister Rachel have been members since October and have raved about it since! My mom has lost a lot of weight and has been able to keep it off! She is much healthier now, and looks great! I had been wanting to get on some sort of fitness routine for months. I kept failing at working it into my schedule and being committed to it! So I joined! Now I'm paying to work out somewhere, so now I feel like I have to go. But I love it! It's such a different approach to fitness, and it's women only! I'm glad I am doing something for my health!

In other news, birthdays are coming around! David and his sister celebrate next week. We plan to have a combined party for them this weekend. I'm making the cakes and dinner.

Tonight is Pizza Night! Mmmm... I love Fridays!
(photos from December at my mom's annual Christmas Eve "Pizza & Pepsi" night.)


  1. I am so gald that you finally did it! I know you will continue to love it....if I do I am oretty sure you will!

  2. Good for you! Arin and I keep talking about joining there... my mom did it too. :)


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