Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wow, now it's been 8 days! We're back home to the very comfortable 60 degree weather. Nice and sunny and dry! We had a few days of rain in Virginia while we were there. And boy was it cold for the most part!
My Girl and I are both sick. She has been running a fever for two days, and I cannot get over this cough/cold I have had for 8 days! We felt miserable yesterday and just laid around watching TV. In the afternoon I gained a little energy and put what was left from our trip away. My Love did most of the unpacking in the morning while My Girl 
and I rested.
My Love is back to work today. He found out he will be working on Sunday, New Years, as well. Bummer. We were looking forward to the long weekend.
So for now I will leave you with two pictures of My Girl all bundled up to play on the trampoline at Nana and Da's house. Isn't she cute??

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  1. She is adorable! I have had that yucky cold for over a week too! Feel better!!


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