Wednesday, December 21, 2005

5 days since my last post

I though I'd come on here real quick and update this a little. I have quite a few photos but will just share a few. We spend most of our time here at my mom's in her newly re-finished garage. They've made it real cozy out there. They have the pool table, flat screen HDTV, and the karaoke machine, and a really nice gas log fireplace type thing. (Don't know what it's called.)
Tomorrow Angie, my older sister, comes into town with her husband and three boys, and on Christmas day my Granny and uncle will be flying in as well. We'll have a really full house then. Rachel, her hubby and all the kids have been staying here since we arrived. It's been really fun. Kind of like when we all still lived at home, only add six extra people.
David has been having a real good time hanging out with Matt and my little brother Jacob. The hottest thing this season for them are these cars called XMODS. You get them at Radio Shack. They are RC cars that you can modify to your liking by adding body kits that you buy extra. They are obsessed with these things! I'll have to take some pictures of their cars so you all can see.
So for now here are a few photos of one of our all nighters out in the garage.

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