Friday, January 25, 2013


Back in December I participated in a contest hosted by . . . and won!
(I hardly ever enter contests, much less win anything!)
I love a good scarf, and have found that they are some of the best nursing cover-ups when out in public.
Little Bébé doesn't seem to mind them either.
I won a $100 gift certificate and just recently placed, and received my order.
Pictured are only 4 of the 5 scarves that I received. These four all matched well for a picture. :)
The 5th scarf, not pictured, is this one.
These are the scarves I ordered:
L to R: Olivia Linen Scarf in Sky Blue, another Olivia Linen Scarf in Creamy Ivory (these ones are a bit stiff to the touch, but soften up with the warmth of your neck as you wear them. I believe with a few washes they will soften up even more.)  Juliet Lace Scarf in Cream (this one is so beautiful!) and the Haven Fringe Scarf in Mustard Yellow (this one is AMAZINGLY soft!).
I am pleased with all of them, and only wish it was a bit cooler here in Texas to allow for more opportunities to wear them!

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  1. Oh wow!! The lace one is gorgeous! Congratulations on winning. :)


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