Wednesday, January 23, 2013

january goals

I started this draft at the beginning of the month, and despite the end of the month drawing near, I wanted to post some goals for January. 
[Inspired by Natalie over at Natalie Creates]

In January 2013 I will . . .

- Finish reading the following books, both started this past Summer:

- Find an appropriate album for little Bébé's photos, and order prints from her 1st month of life.

Starting small . . . 


  1. I always write out my goals for the year, But I have never done the month-to-month thing. Hmmm... Maybe by doing so I would actually accomplish a few goals?? Also I was wondering if you recommended the Almost Amish book. Looks like a great read!

  2. such great goals! i want to see that album! :)

  3. Beautiful scarves! I have just a little scarf addiction ;) Thanks for the recommendation of "An Everlasting Meal" I now have it on my Amazon wish list :) Goals are good. I'm also off to a good start this year.

  4. Looooved An Everlasting Meal! Hope you did too. Found your blog on Natalie Creates :)


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