Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ten on ten - September 2012

♥ I cheated a little and took this last picture this morning. Anniversary flowers from My Love. 14 carnations. One for each year of marriage. ♥

This was a particularly rough day preceeded by a night of insomnia, followed with a toddler waking before 7AM, said-toddler choking, and cutting up good coupons,and general life upsets. But you wouldn't know it from the pictures.
Life is good . . . All the time . . .

All the time . . . God is good . . .

is a fun monthly photo project to document
"life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day" 
and can be found at 
ten on ten button


  1. You make the everyday look beautiful. ;)

  2. Amazing photos! I love the mix of black and white and color photos. I'm not so great at doing that but yours is lovely! Happy Anniversary! :)


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