Monday, August 27, 2012

happy list // 08.27.2012

Happy List
1.her creativity, and ability to play with her little brother. 2.My Love has taken Saturdays as his day to cook! He plans the meal and prepares it! I'm a lucky girl! 3.LEGO mania here! Happy they can play something together without fighting. That is until he wrecks her airport! ;) 4.I had a chance this weekend to play with a bit of yarn! 5.and organize a little "knitting nook" of sorts. Love it! 6.playing outside. . . in the MUD! Nothing better! 7.her sweet smile. 8.a fresh organic peach, inspiring book, and my hammock. 9.they have taken to playing chess while Baby Boy bathes. :)

What's been making you HAPPY lately?

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