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happy list // 05.14.2012

{ blog } happy list // 05.14.2012
This is coming much later in the week than I normally post, but I wanted to post it just the same. :)
1 lovely Quince & Co. yarn to knit baby #3's first hat. A pixie hat. The pattern I am using is a test knit for the amazingly talented (in more ways than one!) Amanda Keeys! What a privilege! And it's ADORABLE! 2. HAPPY MAIL from the ever sweet, and always inspiring Sara Janssen! She sent all kinds of goodies, including all-weather flags. They match the ones I have hung indoors, but are plastic so I hung them on our patio to add to the color already out there! LOVE them! 3. another amazing recipe from Molly Wizenberg and her book A Homemade Life. Banana Bread with Chocolate and Crystallized Ginger. I did not include the ginger and it was still heavenly. I think it may just replace my old standby recipe! The yogurt in the mixture makes for an amazing, moist bread. And the chocolate is just a bit of decadence! Mmm . . . 4. an outing to the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning. All of us together. 5. exploring the park after the market. so much love for my little family! 6. lavender in full bloom. their scent is intoxicating! 7. a new super-soft robe, in a gorgeous color, for Mother's Day. 8. my two boys, at breakfast on a slow morning.

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