Saturday, November 05, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 5 - { Someone I Love }

5 Someone I Love
:: Today's Photo Challenge :: { Someone I Love } 
How do you choose one person you love? I love many, many people in the wide world, but I decided it was only fitting to share an image of My Girl...
Because today we took the first part of the day just for us.
I took her to IHOP for brunch... her favorite.
We wandered the bookstore and shopped a little. It was just her and I.
It used to always be just her and I.
Before Baby Boy.
She loves her little brother, but cherishes the times I focus on just her.
Even if it's just lingering in her bed after saying goodnight, and snuggling just a little longer.
She will be grown before I know it, so I treasure the days we can take a little time just for us.
Love her so much...
:: Today's Gratitudes :: Artful Blogging magazine, spoiling My Girl, new clothes for Baby Boy, and a hubby who stays home on a Saturday with our Baby Boy so I can take My Girl out.

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