Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 19 - { Where I Slept }

19 Where I Slept
:: Today's Photo Challenge :: { Where I Slept }  Our mattress & box springs are terrible . . . it really is time to replace them, and the sheets are so well worn, there are two BIG holes in the fitted sheet!
(Why are sheets SO expensive?! Any suggestions?)
Combine that with co-sleeping and I don't get much rest when I do sleep. ;)
Despite all that, I adore the quilt that my dear friend finished for me. It is made from unfinished quilt squares My Love's grandmother had started in the 40's. My friend finished it beautifully!
I also LOVE my IKEA GOSARAPS pillow. (I do NOT think I paid that price on the website. If I did, that's just shameful!)
:: Today's Gratitudes :: today I am thankful for my bed despite it's flaws, because there are those out there who have no bed to rest in, donuts (as evil as they are) for breakfast, new blocks for my children to play with, & my thoughtful husband.

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  1. Sheets? Marshall's or TJ Maxx!! I've found the BEST deals on super soft and lovely king sets. Also, is a good place to find deals. Do you have a Costco membership? If you want super high quality for a great price, get them there.

    We've always bought our beds on Craigslist...I know that grosses some people out, but we can't afford a $4,000 organic bed, and I don't want the off-gassing, so we just find really nice used sets!


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