Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day - 18 { In My Bag }

18 In My Bag
:: Today's Photo Challenge :: { In My Bag } my bag . . . what a mess it is.
I purchased the bag itself on clearance at Target two years ago. It has stains and rips all over it, but I love it!
It's a messenger style bag, with no organization whatsoever, so everything just gets dumped in it.
I call it my Marry Poppins bag, because I have to rummage through it for five minutes to retrieve just one item!
(and partly because I have some weird items I carry around. ;)
If you'd like to see the guts of my bag up close visit flickr to see all the notes. ;)
:: Today's Gratitudes :: today I am thankful for encouraging women whom I don't even "know" but am blessed by their writings HERE and HERE, for easy naptime, food enough for my family, visions for the future, travel dreams with My Love, and a night off from cooking.

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  1. I love in my bag shots :) Oh, and I'm obsessed with the post processing of this photo. What is it?!


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