Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creative Projects // №. 1 ~ Crayon Canvas

I thought it would be fun to periodically showcase some of our creative projects...
We love arts & crafts, and dabble in various forms such as knitting, sewing, painting, woodworking, etc.!
Pinterest and various blogs I follow serve to feed this inherent desire to create something fun and beautiful!
Recently, my friend Maria posted a fun project on her blog that she did with her two girls. It involved crayons and canvas.
I've seen this project pop up on Pinterest, but after seeing Maria's finished masterpiece, I had to jump on it! :)
We  have a huge jar of crayons.
Many, many boxes of Crayola have been dumped in there along with the various restaurant crayons we acquire.
I had My Girl sort through them and pick out our best crayons for this project.
We picked up an 11"X14" canvas on sale for $4.89, gathered our crayons, hair dryer, and glue gun and set to work.
In hindsight, this would have been a fabulous craft for Winter...not 110 degree weather!
We probably could have set the canvas out in the sun for a while and saved some work! ha! :) 
We lined the crayons up in rainbow order...My Girl had to refresh my memory on the order. ;)
Next we hot glued them onto the canvas, pointed (or some not-so-pointed) ends down.
We ran out of glue sticks mid-way and put in a call to Daddy to stop on his way home from work to get some more! ;)
He's a great guy and came to our rescue!
We ran the hair dryer on HIGH over the crayons.
(We forgot to put newspaper down, but noticed just before we messed up the patio!)
It took quite a while for the crayons to melt.
But the end result was FABULOUS!
It is now proudly displayed between two artworks by My Girl and Baby Boy.
My Girl has said numerous time that she just can't stop staring at it, it's "SO BEAUTIFUL!" :)
I have to agree! Such color!


  1. That is so great! To think I've been throwing away all those crayons.

  2. Fantastic! I Love It!!!!

  3. This is Mom! Couldn't send message without selecting anonymous so that last comment..."Fantastic"...was from me. Love you!


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