Thursday, March 10, 2011

ten on ten - March 2011

This morning when I hopped on Facebook, a link to this project popped up via Under The Sycamore
A good thing I hadn't been planning to do this project for weeks or it would have never come to fruition.
I work best under pressure and procrastinate like crazy if you haven't noticed! ;)
I jumped right in and took ten photos of our day, at 10 past the hour in fact. Total coincidence.
Here's a peek into out day:

My littles snuggled on the couch.
Coffee and preparing to order prints from our family photo session last month.
Time to get dressed!
He's such a cutie!
My Girl wasn't feeling well, as many of us around here, so she spent most of the day resting in bed watching movies.
Time to clean up the dishes! Breakfast, lunch AND the mess I made assembling dinner in the crockpot.
Tea time, and more work with photos. :)
Finishing up the laundry.
Making up myself...late but I thought I might be going out. ;)
Finished out the photo project with more work with photos! ;) Cleaned all my cards and organized some photos. 

Today was a good day...and I really enjoyed doing this project. 


  1. I ADORE your style, and processing! So simple and lovely :)

  2. Loved spending the day with you !!

  3. Beautiful. My favorite shot is the self portrait in the pot. So creative, and FUN!

  4. A fellow Death Cab For Cutie fan! Glad to meet you.

    Love your set of ten. Lots of good stuff.

  5. Loved your pictures!

    I tryed to do my "10 on 10" project too. I´d like if you could stop by and tell me what do you think about it.

    See it at

    Mirys (from Brazil )


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