Thursday, May 06, 2010


Remember hula hooping as a kid?
I do, and I remember LOVING it!
I just discovered that ADULTS hoop!
It's not just for kids anymore!!! :)
There is a huge hooping "culture!"
Custom made hoops, instructional DVDs (which I added to my Netflix queue today! ;) and videos all over YouTube!
Here are some of my favorite hoop videos:
Size Matters This girl is amazing and inspiring! And hooping only 1 year! WOW! (all her videos are pretty rad!)
Pink Moon  This is amazing! :)
flow in the wasteland Awesomeness!
There are tons more I could post, but you get the picture...Google 'hooping'! ;)

Today I entered a CONTEST on one of my favorite blogs to win a really AWESOME hoop from Superhooper
...and later today we're going to Home Depot to buy materials to make our own hoops!


  1. I was just reading about hooping over on Sara's blog the other day. Looks like so much fun!


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