Tuesday, March 23, 2010

life learning

We are adopting a sort of new approach to learning around here...
When G. asks us questions about certain things, we don't just give her the answers, we encourage "looking it up." We are taking note of the things that interest her and giving her as much information as she wants about that specific subject. Learning alongside her...
Today for instance: She asked me what the smartest animal was. Her guesses were the elephant and the monkey.
We "looked it up" together. Outside in the sunshine on my handy new iPhone!
And you know what? Elephant and Monkey were both on there! Smart girl!
Here's a link to the info we found:  Top 10 Smartest Animals.
While reading the top 10, we came across some pretty big words:
which we "looked up."
We also did a couple math problem using our sugar snap peas! The one pictured above was the addition equation of 3+3=6 and the multiplication equation of 3X2=6. FUN!


  1. Reading about the top ten was fascinating! Thank you for posting the information and keep the posts coming...you just might educate your dad along with Gwenyth.


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