Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cold Turkey - Day One

I've quit coffee cold turkey...Day One...If I am going to quit one delicious beverage, it only makes sense to replace it with something just as good right? Isn't this tea beautiful?
Wish me luck. It is better for the baby and me in the long run. My body was not responding well to coffee lately, so sadly I've had to give it up...temporarily.


  1. Good Luck! If you like milk in tea, try steaming your milk/cream/half & half on your cappucino machine (I think you said you had one)...then you can have a tea latte and still feel a little like it's coffee. And it's super yummy!

    At one of the restaurants I worked at, we sold a "steamy earl" - steamed half & half w/ earl grey tea.

  2. Well that just stinks, I don't think that I could drink tea like I do coffee! but you must do what you must do! And good to think about the baby

  3. That was the one thing that was hard to give up while I was pregnant. I drank decaff but it was not the same at all.


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