Thursday, April 30, 2009


We got the news Tuesday that our request to extend our stay in Alaska has been denied. This means we will be moving away in December...with and 8 week old baby!
We are all pretty disappointed. And curious as to where we will be moving to. Currently they have not assigned us anywhere. We updated our "wish list" Tuesday night. Some places on the list include TX, TN, VA, and CO.
So in the meantime, we are savoring every minute of our time left in beautiful Alaska. We're planning camping, and other trips. Lots of sleepovers for G. and her best friend...and not taking any of our time for granted! We'll miss Alaska and all the friends (really, family) we've grown to love dearly. Please pray for us, as moving is never easy, especially such a far distance...and with a newborn baby!
Pray for my sanity!!!


  1. We moved when Jono was 8 weeks old too ! Not interstate but to a different city. It was actually not as bad as you would think because they are still really in that 'newborn' phase where they sleep so much !

    My vote .... COLORADO !!!!

  2. So sorry you are having to move, Khrista! It would be so nice if you came to TN though! What does your husband do? Is he in the Army? I can relate to the moving around stuff. My Dad was in the Army for almost 30 years, plus we finally are just now getting settled after having lived in 3 states in 1 year just a bit ago. Praying it all works out wonderfully. :) Keep me posted! BIG hugs and have a great Friday!

  3. Moving when you were hoping not to isn't the greatest but just think of the new places and people you will see and meet. Just stay positive and things will work out great. I will pray that God puts you guys where you need to be.

  4. I know what it's like moving with an infant. Emma was only 3 weeks old when we moved to CT and only 7 months old when we moved to GA. It's not so bad. You guys will be ok.

  5. Well that stinks that you cannot stay in AK.
    I know that it will be difficult, and we will be praying for you.
    Everyone has their vote in for where you might move....I will just be glad that I might be able to afford to go see you! and I know that you loved TN, so maybe that will be where God wants you again. Everything will work out according to His will.

  6. I know all too well how that feels.. we moved from VA 6 months ago already.. I was 7 months pregnant and flew, alone, with Levi (who was 9 months old) to this "foreign land"... I miss everyone a lot. It's getting a little easier, but I think things will really get better when we are in our own home.

  7. Oh wow, K - I'll for sure be praying for you guys!


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